My Favorite Holiday Is Christmas Essay

This not only shows the systematic flow of your ideas but also makes it easier for your audience to read through your paper.

To provide argumentation for why Christmas is your favorite holiday, you ought to explain and give reasons why you prefer it to other holidays.All the decorations and lights were up around the house and the Christmas tree was beautifully lit like a clear night sky, with the star brightly shining at the top.Coming to our house for Christmas, we had family come from up and down the California coast.For instance, Christmas can be your favorite holiday because you are celebrating the birth of Christ.Additionally, you get to spend time with all your family members since most of them are often occupied with other activities during other holidays, you get to meet some members of the extended family or people you have not seen for quite a while as well as send and receive gifts.Furthermore, essay writing necessitates that you have an idea of the topic you are to write about as well as understand the type of essay you are writing.Though most articles apply the same format, it is indeed evident that they are written for different purposes.This helps your reader(s) understand why you choose it as your favorite.There are indeed many reasons why Christmas can be one’s favorite holiday.My Aunt Minda from San Diego had never been to our house before and as soon as she stepped in the door she said, “I love your house already.” Group by group my relatives were arriving at our house.We had generations after generations all together in one house. As our Christmas party progressed, it was time to start getting all the food ready and set to eat.

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