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Again I've obscured personal details for obvious reasons.

Now, this student is free to request another extension, as their extended due date has not yet passed.

This block may be released to the community, but again it's quite specific to our environment so may be of limited use to other organisations.As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words, so I'll include some screenshots of what functionality we have currently.As an aside, our Extensions module also integrates with Quiz (1.9, slight hack there! Bear with me while these screenshots step back in time to 1.9!Here we have tight integration with other Uni SA systems, so due dates, summative/formative status come from an up-stream system.That's a whole other ballgame I won't go into here The real benefits we feel are in the Student side.Firstly, creating an Assignment goes through a Wizard (this will also be ported to 2.4 at a later date) we have a page which allows the creator to enable or disable extension requests by students, and of the course staff, who can approve these requests. The academic will then proceed through the remainder of the Wizard, and the assessment item or Quiz is then created.The final page of the Wizard is the 'Standard' Moodle activity add screen, they will set the remainder of the details (such as due date) just as they would in any other Moodle instance.When teachers create an assignment with submissions enabled, students can submit files directly on Schoology.The recommended workflow to submit assignments will vary based on how students are submitting their work: Students can also submit materials to an assignment using the integrated Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive for Business resource apps, which they can access from the Resources tab.At Moodle Moot 2012 we met a lot of people from the Tertiary sector that were as passionate as we are about moving Moodle forward, especially for our sector.We were excited to hear the new Assign module would have extensions, however it doesn't implement as much functionality as we have now.

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