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ALSO NOTE: The Study Guide and all the above-mentioned tutorial letters are available electronically on my Unisa under “Official Study Material” or “Additional Resources”.

________________________________________________________________________ 4 ASSIGNMENTS, SEMESTER MARK AND ADMISSION TO THE EXAMINATION _______________________________________________________________________ Once again study Tutorial Letter 101/2019, paragraph 8 (p 10) regarding the assignments, admission to the examination and your semester mark.

4 ILW1501/201 Question 1 Read the following scenario and answer the question that follows: Thandi Ngobeni is not promoted by New Africa University and she is very upset about the decision.

Thandi feels that she was not promoted simply because she is a woman. Formal justice is achieved if the following criteria are met: (1) There must be explicit rules laid down to show how people must be treated in specific cases.

Remember: It's your responsibility to ensure that you assignments are received by Unisa (preferably 72 hours) before the closing date.

To enquire whether Unisa has received your assignments, go to my Unisa or send an e-mail to [email protected] - include your student number in the subject line.

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Please compare your answers to the answers in the feedback in order to see where you have made your mistakes.They also contribute to your final mark, so it's vital that you complete them according to the specified guidelines.Always keep a copy of your assignment in case the university does not receive an assignment and you are requested to re-submit a copy.This tutorial letter might only be available online on my Unisa, in electronic format.Therefore, should you not receive it in hard copy, you must access it on my Unisa under “Official Study Material” or “Additional Resources”.Converting your document to PDF will ensure that your file presentation remains exactly as you intended.Assignments can be submitted via my Unisa, placed in a Unisa assignment box, posted to Unisa or submitted via courier.Please don't submit the same assignment via two separate channels (eg my Unisa and the post).Click here for more information on how to submit Unisa assignments. You will receive an SMS with your assignment result as soon as the result becomes available.The university gives her a chance to complain about this. In this scenario, the rules within the university are found to be clear.An impartial person hears the complaint and decides that the rules with regard to promotions within the university are clear and apply to all personnel equally. (2) The rules must apply generally to all people in the group in the same circumstances.

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