N Camp By Ernest Hemingway Essay

The apparent simplicity of Hemingway’s prose and the anti-climactic stories he tells, veil symbolical and “fundamentally poetical narratives” (Abouddahab) in which the questions he asks are those which have been tormenting men ever since Eve took a bite of the tree of knowledge’s forbidden fruit.Assuredly, Ernest Hemingway’s short stories encompass many levels of understanding.By depicting Nick Adams, his father, and Uncle George crossing a lake, then a beach, a meadow, a wood…to reach the Indian camp, the narrator underlines that those characters have been symbolically separated from the world they know, though, by describing this scene through Nick Adams’s eyes only, the narrator insists on the fact that it is mainly through the vision of a child that he is to depict this moment of rupture.In other words, as Hemingway’s writing contains no evaluative terms to indicate his own personal judgment, one could mistakenly decide to rely only on the reality effect produced by this author’s short stories to understand their meaning.

A child whose curiosity, as she advanced in the story, lessened little by little.

To signify the rupture Nick is to experience, or the beginning of the poetical journey the latter is to accomplish, the narrator creates what one could call a mirror structure between the world of Nick, his father and uncle, and the Indian camp, a mirror structure the reflective aspect of the lake establishes.

In the same way as Alice passes through the mirror in , Hemingway brings Nick to enter a world which resembles his, stripped of its disguise of modernity: the Indian camp’s aspect, as one may imagine, being devoid of the modern world’s attributes.

L'ambition de cet article est de lever le rideau sur la scène poétique d’ “Indian Camp”.

On s’appliquera à mettre en lumière la façon dont, à travers l’apparente neutralité de son écriture, Ernest Hemingway manifeste la limite à laquelle l’homme se heurte quand, tel Œdipe, il doit répondre à l'énigme du Sphinx.

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