Napoleon Bonaparte Essay

He was ruler of the French who strengthened and institutionalized a lot of restructuring of the French Revolution.

The French Revolution that occurred during 1789 to 1799 revolutionized whole social, political and economic structure of France everlastingly.

His father, Carol Bonaparte, was a lawyer and a political opportunist.

At that time, Corsica had just been sold to France by Genoa. According to Marsh, there were both luck and personal factors which favored Napoleon in his rise to power (5).

His reputation during his time was impeccable and he hoisted the sovereignty and pride of France very high. Helena and in my view it has been an irrational decision by the European powers that are aware of Napoleon's still smoldering popularity.

He has already been punished by the alliance formed among nations such as Great Britain, Russia, Prussia and Austria in 1814 and exiled him to Elba.

Napoleon Bonaparte Introduction On the island of Corsica which was a colony of France on August 15, 1769, Napoleon Bonaparte was born.

Many historians appreciate and acknowledge Napoleon as one of the best and great men of all time.

He was offered the position because the existing commander of the artillery was wounded (“Napoleon Bonaparte”).

This revolutionary government in France shocked monarchies throughout Europe.

Empires like Austria, Prussia, Russia, and Great Britain wanted to suppress the revolution and bring monarchy back to power in France. However, France was not fit to face them as the revolution had eliminated its military officers.

In the new position, Napoleon exhibited skill and mastery by capturing two important forts and eliminating the British fleet from the port.

Though it was not a major victory, he managed to present it as a great achievement.

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