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It appears that all throughout the piece, the mother has managed to keep a constant guidance of her daughter beginning when the daughter was only eight and had to be instructed with the basics of riding a bicycle.Putting myself in the daughter’s shoe at this stage, I could particularly recall times of youth when I felt helpless like most other children of that age who could barely tie their shoelace nor feed themselves properly without spills or messy plates.Political loyalty is evoked by nations, ethnic groups, churches, parties, and by doctraines, causes, ideologies, or faiths that form and identify associations." (Shklar, 184).Thus, loyalty is deeply affective and not primarily rational. Introduction Leaving home Note: I think u should define the authors definition of obligation and loyalty in the introduction or ur understanding of their definitions in terms of ur thesis cuz sometimes its hard to understand the difference b/w the two.that shouldn't really happen cuz that is the focus of ur essay Red: corrections (make sure u read the sentence wit read stuff cuz the whole sentence had to change sometimes) Blue: comments Yellow highlight: erase those things (not needed) Leaving home is a difficult choice for any individual to make.A decision of this caliber contains conditions of no obligation, enforced obligation, and obligation in conflict with loyalty.Being able to attend Friday prayers at mosque or celebrate Eid with joy or simple things like being able to say "I am Muslim", were characteristics that mattered the most for my family.

) and define the chosen reasons for exile argued in Shklar's article.It is important to note that my parents always obeyed the state, but they lost their loyalty as they lost their identity.The restricted conditions which forced my family to hide their identity, forced us to exile into a strange country, but in hope for a promised land."In ordinary talk the two words loyalty and obligation are generally used interchangeably as if they were identical", but it is ..more.Middle (this is to tie in the two arguments together, as for the beginning of the sentence, that's wat I understood of the first argument, if its wrong, then change it...wanted to give u a idea for a concluding sentence) The emotional attachment to loyalty varies that from obligation.Back then, this was something anyone could readily see in the way by which mom occurred to possess unfailing energies whenever it came to providing her children with the most satisfying care we could amply and uniquely favor.Innocence and wonder in a child altogether fade as youth progresses in time through the acquisition of more complex knowledge with age and experience.This is how I ended up in POL81A at the University of Toronto.My parents packed up everything they had worked hard for over the last twenty-four years and migrated to Canada.Mom would be proud and boast off even the tiniest details of my nonsensical tasks for as long as it seemed a sign of maturity.Just as how Pastan’s leading character treats her small daughter who looks bound to grow up fast, my mother similarly embodies that type whose source of happiness reflects in her unconditional love of me and my sibling.

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