Nba Assignments

When a player is called up to the NBA their D-League team retains their player rights for the duration of the current season and the two following seasons.If that played is waived, they must return to their D-League team. If a player is called up and is in the NBA for 21 days or more, then their D-League team moves to the top of the waiver order for new free agents.They can only do this if they did not have the maximum four (4) affiliates at the beginning of the season.Only players who were in training camp are eligible.This FAQ is designed to give readers insight into the nuances of the NBA D-League.There are five sections: general information, roster formation, pre-season/draft, salaries/call-ups, and rule differences from the NBA.

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If an NBA team waives a player after the season has started they have the option of allocating that player to their D-League affiliate as an in-season affiliate player.

We will regularly update the FAQ as new information comes out or if changes occur (which they inevitably will; it’s the D-League).

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There is no limit to the number of 10-day contracts a player may sign.

However, each team can only sign a specific player to two 10-day contracts during a season – after the second 10-day contract has expired they must release the player or sign them for the remainder of the season, or longer.

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