Nelson Demille Essay Essay Invention Strategies

Number one was about the Traditional Detective Novel, and number two focused on Hard-Boiled Fiction. The decline of the pure detective story in recent years was probably inevitable.

Bulus ibn al-Darwish (his Al Qaeda nom de guerre is al-Numair – The Panther) wearing a ceremonial jambiyah, the curved dagger of Yemen – butchers a bunch of Belgian tourists.

He yells at the bodies, "You have learned that in Yemen death comes! John and his FBI wife Kate are assigned to Yemen, to hunt down the bad guys who bombed the USS Cole in 2000.

" Fade to NYC, where smart-mouth John Corey, ex-NYPD, currently on New York's Anti-Terrorist Task Force, takes center stage. John knows that everyone who journeys to Yemen doesn't come back!

This includes the form that most readers regard as a mystery, which is the traditional detective story but a category of literature that also includes the police procedural, the hard-boiled novel, the tale of psychological suspense, the crime novel, and the thriller.

There is enormous overlapping of these sub-genres and it is often difficult to categorize some books.

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