Neon Genesis Evangelion Opening Theme Cruel Angel Thesis

#8: It’s a Song From the 90’s The 90’s were just such a different time, a better time in fact.

Groundbreaking anime was coming out every week and songs were entirely original and had soul, unlike today.

But what makes the song so fantastic that it continues to remain relevant over 20 years past its original release?

Here are the top 10 reasons why ’s theme is one of the best songs to ever grace this earth.

If you are having trouble understanding this, then you clearly weren’t there to appreciate it. #7: We Were All Young at One Point The song’s references to rising out of adolescence are not only very relatable, but entirely original.

We all remember what it was like to struggle with all the mental and emotional changes we go through during our teen years.

’s classic opening theme song, ‘A Cruel Angel’s Thesis’, is the definitive top hit among anime fans.Look, I’m not saying I would just start going at it like Shinji did, I’m just saying I can kind of understand why he might react that way, you know?A Cruel Angel's Thesis is the opening theme song for the series Neon Genesis Evangelion, composed by Hidetoshi Sato and sung by Yoko Takahashi.#1: Life is Hard and So Am I I can’t be the only one that finds Asuka’s limp unconscious body kind of hot, right?I dunno, it’s just something about seeing her in that different sort of state.He recommends it to every new person getting into anime.His My Anime List profile lists over 30 series at this point so I know his suggestions aren’t to be taken lightly.If you can’t remember, it means you probably aren’t old enough yet and therefore aren’t a 90’s kid.#6: The Song’s Versatility The genius of ‘A Cruel Angel’s Thesis’ is in the versatility of the composition.On the other hand, the international dub tracks aren’t available in Japan, so you can’t have everything!The Source: Evangelion Store, You Tube/「KING AMUSEMENT CREATIVE」公式チャンネル Top image: You Tube/「KING AMUSEMENT CREATIVE」公式チャンネル ● Want to hear about Sora News24’s latest articles as soon as they’re published?

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