No Homework Policy Essay

Moreover, parents that cannot afford a tutor and do not have the skills or time to teach their children will inadvertently struggle, which in many cases leads to depression or feeling that they are not good parents.Many students agree that homework over the holidays really is a form of cruel and unusual punishment.Around the world, countries that assign more homework don’t see to perform any better.A Stanford study found that in counties like Japan, Denmark, and the Czech Republic little homework was assigned and students outperformed students in counties with large amounts of homework such as Greece, Thailand, and Iran.Homework should be banned for students Kindergarten through 8th grade because the negative effects do not Another reason homework should be banned is because of the struggle and stress it puts on parents.The job of being a parent is demanding and homework is tacking on unnecessary stress.In most cases students rely on their parents to help them do their homework.

Students are learning all the time in the 21 century.

Times have changed, and the way academics were taught 20 years ago is completely different from how academics are being taught today.

Consequently, this causes parents to struggle while assisting their children in accordance with new teaching methods.

According to a recent article in Mind Shift traditional homework will become obsolete in the next decade. With access to software programs, worldwide connections, and learning websites such as the Khan Academy, learning occurs all the time.

According to Mindshift, “the next decade is going to see the traditional temporal boundaries between home and school disappear.” Try to see if you can bridge the gap between school and home by getting students interested in doing their own research over holiday break.

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