Not Graduating High School Essay

How much time it will take will depend on how much work you have to make up — and how much energy you are willing to put it into it to make it happen.

A high school diploma is your passport to a more interesting and better-paying job.

Can I get a diploma without taking additional courses?

You can take one of two national tests – the High School Equivalency Exam or the GED – instead of completing coursework.

Students who are within 60 days of their 18th birthday or older can take the GED.

Under certain circumstances, 17-year-olds can also take the exam.

You may take the exam at testing centers for a 0 fee.And the creators of the GED also offer a free online “test prep toolkit” that covers all sections of the test.In addition, Study Guide Zone offers a free study guide, practice tests and skill building exercises.Those who do not complete high school will earn, on average, between 0,000 and 0,000 less than high school graduates during their working life, according to 2015 estimates reported by the Social Security Administration.And 17 percent of 20- to 24-year-olds who do not have a high school diploma are unemployed, based on 2016 data from the National Center for Education Statistics. Most communities in California offer adult education classes through your local school district or community college, which let you make up credits that you need to graduate.Students with disabilities can request what are called “accommodations” to allow them to take the test.Most students need to study the subject areas before taking the test.For more information, go to the California Department of Education’s website on the GED and click on “Find out more about the GED test in California.” Or call 1-877-392-6433 for information in English or 1-877-450-3276 for information in Spanish.If you are deciding between getting your GED or getting your high school diploma by taking summer classes, returning to high school, or enrolling in Adult Ed classes, consider the following: I need to support myself.Most Adult Ed programs and community colleges offer classes that help students prepare to pass the General Educational Development Test or GED.The GED is recognized nationally as an acceptable substitute for a high school diploma and is a valuable asset for pursuing career and educational opportunities.

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