Nothing Will Come Of Nothing Essay

His words are a warning to Cordelia—she must comply with her father’s demand for a flattering speech or risk losing her inheritance—but the line reverberates throughout the play.

Lear essentially repeats it when he tells the Fool that “nothing can be made out of nothing” (I.iv), while the word “nothing” and other negatives (never, none etc.) come up over and over again.

I am a fool, thou art nothing.” Nothing becomes a double symbol for King Lear’s ignorance to the truth and inability to perceive nothing.

It also symbolizes King Lear’s paranoia which is brought on by his ignorance and short shortsightedness.

I was dazzled by Kristi Coulter’s honesty, her humor, and above all her beautiful, perfectly tuned sentences.

Rarely do formal invention and real emotion coexist so comfortably; in other words, both intelligence and heart are on full display here.

is her debut--a frank, funny, and feminist essay collection by a keen-eyed observer no longer numbed into complacency.

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Taken together, the collection is about more than sobriety. Coulter proves that our stories can be as complicated and powerful as we are." —Sonya Lea, "The collection – recounting the trials of alcoholism, yes, but further ranging through neighborhoods of childhood memories and job (dis)satisfactions and running marathons and what it’s like to be a woman, this Coulter woman in particular, in our modern world – will give readers a reason to stay awake and keep turning pages. Like a carafe of cool clear water, this book of Coulter’s will pair well with everything in life’s rich pageant." —Wayne Alan Brenner, Finalist for the 2019 Washington State Book Awards"Deeply human.

These repetitions reflect King Lear’s obsession with absences and loss.

Lear’s declaration in the opening scene that “nothing will come of nothing” prepares the audience for a play that begins with an impulsive, senseless act and ends with no meaning, no hope and no redemption for its characters.

Like when you give up a debilitating habit, it leaves a space, one that can’t easily be filled by mocktails or ice cream or sex or crafting.

And when you cancel Rosé Season for yourself, you’re left with just Summer, and that’s when you notice that the women around you are —that alcohol is the oil in the motors that keeps them purring when they could be making other kinds of noise.

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