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And one more thing; if in the course of working on your essays, you struggle to find examples that match with Notre Dame's mission, don't be afraid to acknowledge that you might actually be happier someplace else.

Maybe you have different goals for your college experience than Notre Dame has for its students.

Strong applicants share the university's values, and these students have already shown evidence that they fit with the Notre Dame's mission. Before they even start Notre Dame's application, we tell our Collegewise students to read the school's mission statement Really read it. Notre Dame is coming right out and telling you what the university sees as its higher purpose (beyond beating USC on the football field). C., President of the University of Notre Dame, said in his Inaugural Address that, “If we are afraid to be different from the world, how can we make a difference in the world?

Here are a few tips before you dive into the Notre Dame application. They’re telling you what kind of students they’re seeking to help them fulfill that purpose. Now, Notre Dame asks you to give a 200 word response to one of the prompts below. ” In what way do you feel you are different from your peers, and how will this shape your contribution to the Notre Dame community?

Please use these sample admission essays responsibly.

More importantly, how many of the reasons involve continuing to serve others after you leave Notre Dame?

Students whose reasons fall under one or both of those categories will likely have strong answers to this question.

In a classroom occupied by thirty students, I am the only one of African descent. Seemingly overnight, I went from being a cross country runner to the girl on crutches. All runners have them from time to time, no big deal, right? I walked into the hospital that morning wearing my red polo and khakis, which I feared made me look far more like a glorified Target employee than a capable intern.

In a locker room of varsity basketball athletes, I am the only one under six feet tall, and during a first priority assembly hosted by a peer, I am the only one of... By now I should have been done with my warm up jog and run-outs and heading over to the check-in tent, spikes in hand, ready to run the 3200 meter race at the State Championship meet. As I stepped out of the elevator, I realized that four hours of basic training...

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