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The best way to keep in touch with grant opportunities is by subscribing to one or more of the available alert services, such as NSF's notification service, the IEEE newsletter, and NSF also provides a guide for preparing proposals that provides specific instructions for each stage of the application process.This article provides suggestions and ideas about how to make your next National Science Foundation (NSF) proposal more competitive.NSF provides proposal information in a variety of ways: Dear Colleague Letters, Program Descriptions, Announcements, and Solicitations.Resubmitted proposals involve significant effort--not just yours but also the community's, as resubmissions are often assigned to new reviewers.

One or two notable efforts often come across stronger than myriad, small, unrelated, and unconnected activities.Not all research is hypothesis-driven, but a hypothesis helps focus a proposal and avoids the appearance of a fishing expedition.Provide enough detail for the reviewers to evaluate the quality and extent of the planned activities.Discuss any overlap in your project description, specifying what is new.If the problem you're addressing is complex, it may be imperative to assemble a multi- and interdisciplinary team.Be very clear about what you expect to accomplish scientifically, why it matters, and how it's different from what others have done. Finally, ask yourself: If the project is successful, will it make an important impact?Explain in your proposal why you want to do the work–-your motivation and the scientific rationale.Describe why it is important that carry out the work, place the work in context, and explain its likely impact. A clear explanation of the broader impacts of the proposed work is an important aspect of an application and a key to its success.In a typical funded proposal, this section takes up one to two pages within the project description.The first thing to do is contact the program director.Consider whether the time spent preparing multiple proposals would be better spent preparing just one.

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