Nuclear Weapons Essay Paper

Pakistan began developing a nuclear bomb in 1972 in order to compete with and protect itself from India's military capabilities. In the years that followed, tensions escalated, and by the 1980s, the two countries were competing in an arms race that created widespread fear of nuclear Armageddon.

In the 1940s, Brazil's nuclear program was advanced when the United States agreed to give Brazil technological information on nuclear arms in exchange for mining rights. It is time to redirect money towards meeting human needs. Shen The Northwest School Seattle, Washington Coordinator: Mr.These ultimate instruments of terror and mass destruction have no legitimate military or strategic utility, and are useless in addressing any of today’s real security threats, such as terrorism, climate change, extreme poverty, overpopulation and disease.While many thousands of nuclear weapons have been dismantled since the end of the cold war, the justifications for maintaining them remain largely unchanged.Throughout the 20th century, both India and Pakistan were manipulated by the international community, and neither country has achieved independence from manipulative pressures in order to successfully disarm and achieve peace in the region. India's motivation to develop nuclear weapons stemmed from its wish to protect itself from bordering countries, as well as its desire to assert itself as a major world power. Nuclear Stockpile; Agency Leader Expects Significant Warhead Redesigns." . The nine nuclear-armed nations spend many tens of billions of dollars each year maintaining and modernizing their nuclear arsenals.Funding allocated to disarmament efforts is minuscule by comparison.Though the strained relations between Brazil and Argentina peaked in the late 1970s, the "rivalry and subtle tensions between the two countries can be traced back to colonial days." As Brazil gained international recognition in the 20th century, Argentina accelerated its nuclear program in an effort to check its rival's burgeoning power. Argentina's nuclear program advanced quickly and "by the early 1980s was thought to be about five years ahead of Brazil in having the capability to produce material suitable for a nuclear weapon." Recognizing Argentina as a viable threat, Brazil consequently increased its nuclear capabilities; the nationalism and rivalry between the two Latin nations had become an essential part of the countries' nuclear arsenals.

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