Nursing Decision Making Essay Persuasive Speech On Homework

Common law has determined that a person is assumed to be capable of consenting unless a lack of capacity can be demonstrated (Atkins, Britton, Lacey, & S, 2012).Seeking medical treatment of contraception without the consent of Taylahs parent’s, Nurse Pam must respect Taylahs autonomy and follow the principle of beneficence.Considering this principle allows Pam to educate Taylah on safe sex practice. Retrieved from Australian Institute of Family Studies. Retrieved from https://au Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia. Practicing unprotected sex can lead to further harm such as disseminating sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), fundamentally opposing the purpose of the principle of doing no harm. Informed consent is fundamental when providing treatment to a patient.According to the common law, a child under the age of 18 is able to consent to medical treatment on their own behalf without the consent of their parents.In the present case, Nurse Pam has legal responsibility of protecting Taylahs duty of confidentiality. Not just autonomy--the principles of American biomedical ethics. In the case scenario, Pam clearly stated and informed Taylah, no information will be shared with anybody else, making Taylah feel at ease with sharing her personal information with the nurse.

Furthermore, it provides insight to potential Pam must consider the nonmaleficence principle, addressing the idea of doing no harm. Can young people under 18 make their own decisions? Retrieved from Statements/Adelaide Centre for Bioethics and Culture.

Pam must not be the direct cause of harm to Taylah if providing medication.

The principle of justice is defined to be fairness.

Taylah being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes has placed imposition on her life.

Taylah is 14 years old, in which legally, she is considered to be a minor, and her mother is not aware of her sexual activity.

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