Opinion Essay On Child Labor

Many of these children worked in factories, mills, mines, and other horrible places.

Some families sold their children into labor for money to pay off debts.

These children are often victims of physical, mental, and sexual violence.

This page introduces you to the issues surrounding child labour.

Certain activities are not considered labour or exploitation.

Activities which simply involve helping parents to complete everyday family chores, to which children can dedicate a few hours a week and which permit them to earn some pocket money, are not considered child exploitation because they do not hinder their well being.

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Not all work done by children is classed as child labour.It explains what child labour is, where and why children work and how working can prevent them from going to school and trap them in a cycle of poverty.Child labour is a global issue that prevents children from fulfilling their potential.Additionally, each year more than 1 million of these children will be victims of human trafficking.Child labour refers to any work or activity that deprives children of their childhood.Their employers do whatever necessary to make them completely invisible and are thus able to exercise an absolute control over them.These children work in degrading conditions, undermining all the principles and fundamental rights based in human nature.There is not an issue when a child is working to progress their life skills without compromising their health, their well-being or their education.Often older children may do chores for their parents or small jobs to earn pocket money or gain work experience.Today, close to 250 million children are working in the world.More than 150 million of these children are working in dangerous conditions.

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