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For more information on SQL engines, see this page on knitr language engines. When you sign in to comment, IBM will provide your email, first name and last name to DISQUS.See: Using SSHR for Workforce Sourcing and Deployment, Oracle Self-Service Human Resources Deploy Self-Service Capability Guide Oracle HRMS and Oracle HR Intelligence (HRI) provide a range of reports to track your workforce deployment.

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Any approver on the chain with appropriate permissions can update an action, even change the effective date.You can process multiple actions on the same person concurrently, so you needn't wait for other actions to process before initiating one of your own.The application calculates a person's eligibility for you automatically.If the transfer is temporary, then HRMS suspends the employee's current assignments.When the employee returns from a temporary deployment, HRMS automatically terminates the employee record in the destination business group and reinstates suspended assignments in the source business group.You can enter, maintain, report, and inquire about all aspects of employment information.Oracle HRMS enables you to enter and track people from the day they apply for a job to the day they leave your enterprise. Not every enterprise holds the same information about its workforce, so you can configure Oracle HRMS using descriptive flexfields, Extra Information Types, and Special Information Types to record everything you need to know.Oracle HRMS provides a search criterion called Business Group in addition to the existing criteria in the Find window of any people management template.This criterion enables you to search for employees belonging to one or more business groups.You can also specify the date on which an action takes effect, or make it effective on final approval.The application gives you easy access to information about your people, the other approvers on the chain of recipients, your pending actions, and actions on your people awaiting the approval of others.

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