Organic Food Research Paper Literature Review Of Stress Management

The demand of the hour is to therefore to encourage organic farming and offer a better choice to consumers as well as save the environment.

The purpose of this paper is to explore and understand the factors affecting perception of consumers on organic food products in Indian context.

A total of 1,340 first incident cancer cases were identified during follow-up of 4,56 years (2009-2016), among which 459 breast cancers, 180 prostate cancers, 135 skin cancers, 99 colorectal cancers, 47 non-Hodgkin lymphomas and 15 other lymphomas.

The risk of cancer in association with the organic score (modelled as quartiles (Q)) was estimated using Cox proportional hazards models, adjusted for potential cancer risk factors.

We observed reduced risks for specific cancer sites (Non Hodgkin Lymphomas (- 86%), lymphomas (- 76%) and post-menopausal breast (- 34%)) among individuals with a higher frequency of organic food consumption.

Exploratory research was used to know the variables from the literature that affect the perception of consumers regarding organic food.

When stratifying by various factors, significant associations were detected in women, older individuals, low and high educated individuals, individuals with a family history of cancer, participants with low to medium overall nutritional quality, former smokers and all BMI strata General comments.

A higher frequency of organic food consumption was associated with a reduced risk of cancer, and especially for some sites.

Food gives us essential nutrients to lead a healthy lifestyle but lately it has been found that many food products have become hazardous due to contamination and lead to many diseases.

The rampant use of pesticides and chemical-based fertilizers in agriculture has, increased the productivity but at the same time they have created an alarming situation for the environment.

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