Othello Jealousy Critical Essays

Iago is such a strong personality and has everyone fooled - for most of the play- and his own jealousy appears to be the motivation for his destruction of Othello - and everyone else along the way "I do suspect the lusty Moor." Othello gives him no cause to suspect him but Iago will get his revenge " wife for wife"(II.i.303).To build this in to an essay, you will need a strong introduction.and it is what drives Othello to commit his heinous deed of killing Desdemona.Othello claims to be a man who "loved not wisely, but too well;of one not easily jealous..."(347).

"It comes directly home to the bosoms and business of men." The pathos in Lear is indeed more dreadful and overpowering: but it is less natural, and less of every day's occurrence.It excites our sensibility by exhibiting the passions wound up to the utmost pitch by the power of imagination or the temptation of circumstances; and corrects their fatal excesses in ourselves by pointing to the greater extent of sufferings and of crimes to which they have led others. It makes us thoughtful spectators in the lists of life.It is the refiner of the species; a discipline of humanity.The habitual study of poetry and works of imagination is one chief part of a well-grounded education.A taste for liberal art is necessary to complete the character of a gentleman. It exercises the understanding upon things out of ourselves, while it leaves the affections unemployed, or engrossed with our own immediate, narrow interests.We have not the same degree of sympathy with the passions described in Macbeth. That of OTHELLO is at once equally profound and affecting.The picturesque contrasts of character in this play are almost as remarkable as the depth of the passion.Othello Characters Analysis features noted Shakespeare scholar William Hazlitt's famous critical essay about characters of Othello.IT has been said that tragedy purifies the affections by terror and pity.That is, it substitutes imaginary sympathy for mere selfishness.It gives us a high and permanent interest, beyond ourselves, in humanity as such.

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