Oxford Brookes Creative Writing

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The workshop leader was Patricia Smith, and the week I spent at VONA under her tutelage literally changed my life.

The day before my 21st birthday, I left VONA with fragments of a poem titled “Birthday”, flew home to Hong Kong, and came out to my parents. I’ve always loved poetry, even when the work I was reading didn’t speak immediately to my own experiences as a Hong Kong-Chinese person who was studying English Literature as a second language.

However, I loved the cadences in Shakespeare’s sonnets, was haunted by the vivid images in Ted Hughes’ “Pike”, and felt the profound grief of Alfred Tennyson in his extended elegy “In Memoriam”.

Though I found these poems to be difficult when I first encountered them during my teenage years, I often felt moved to repeat them aloud, at times committing certain lines to memory.

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