Paper On Respect In The Military

Some were completely segregated and others allowed for blacks and whites to train together.Over 700 additional black officers graduated from these camps, bringing the total number to 1,353.Consequently, the War Department determined that the instruction at Fort Des Moines was poor and inadequate.

During the Spanish-American War, all four regiments saw service.

Although comprising just ten percent of the entire United States population, blacks supplied thirteen percent of inductees.

While still discriminatory, the Army was far more progressive in race relations than the other branches of the military. The four established all-black Regular Army regiments were not used in overseas combat roles but instead were diffused throughout American held territory.

Yet despite that, there were many African American men willing to serve in the nation’s military, but even as it became apparent that the United States would enter the war in Europe, blacks were still being turned away from military service.

When the United States declared war against Germany in April of 1917, War Department planners quickly realized that the standing Army of 126,000 men would not be enough to ensure victory overseas.

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