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It is its noblest vocation, and it will be a glorious day for the United States when the good sense and the self-respect of the American people see in this their "manifest destiny." It all rests upon peace. There has, of late, been a much loose speech about "Americanism." Is not this good Americanism?It is surely today the Americanism of those who love their country most.I couldn’t understand whether it was possible to take the warm feelings for the country with mother’s milk, or not.My continuous reflections made me come to the following conclusion: developing of the patriotic feelings in a child was the main task of every parent and family, though like all the other cases, this one had the exception.I was sure that the more patriots were in a country, the better life waited for each of its citizens.A lot of people are sure that the modern generation is not as patriotic as their predecessors.Patriotism is really not only your love for you motherland.

Ask people about their understanding of it and I am sure you will hear a lot of various answers.

A child will get used to live with the thoughts about his country step by step and his egoistic thoughts will give place to the thoughts about the motherland.

A method of upbringing the kids in a patriotic manner should become a good family tradition and be kept thoroughly. A real patriot is more a law-abiding citizen rather than a dreamer, who is planning how to commit a heroic deed and save a country from the aliens’ invasion.

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