Paul Dempster Fifth Business Essay

Ramsay considers this to be one of three miracles she performs—the other two being resurrecting his brother and appearing in the statue.Ramsay meets with a Catholic priest to ask about Mary Dempster and learns about the fool saint.For four years, Ramsay visits Mary; when her aunt dies, Mary is left in his care.He places her in a hospital in Toronto, but she is not happy there. Percy’s family falls apart in 1936 after Edward abdicates the throne in England.When Mary goes missing, Ramsay finds her in the arms of another man—Joel Surgeoner—who is banished from the village. In 1914, World War I breaks out, and Ramsay’s brother, Willie, falls ill.Willie seems to die, so Ramsay brings Mary to pray for him and reports that Willie comes back to life.

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Throughout the story, he carries the guilt from an accident during his childhood involving Mary Dempster, and is convinced Mary is a fool-saint.His nurse, Diana, helps him to use a prosthetic leg. Upon returning home, he and other veterans are given a parade.He mends his friendship with Percy, who is engaged to Leola.Paul is not happy to see Ramsay and later, Ramsay discovers Paul lifted his wallet.In part four, Percy and Leola’s marriage is floundering.There he sees a statue of the Virgin and Child and thinks he sees Mary Dempster’s face in the statue before he passes out.He spends six months in the hospital, during which time everyone thinks he died.Ramsay and Percy have a falling out, and Ramsay joins the army.Before he leaves for war, he has a brief fling with Percy’s girlfriend, Leola.Percy tries to hit him with a snowball, but Ramsay jumps out of the way and it hits Mary Dempster instead.Mary is the pregnant wife of the local Baptist minister.

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