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Depending on the way it's realized the procedure of peer editing may be variable - you can either do it in a group in class or review someone's else work alone.

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Underline what you think the author has done well, find at least three reasons to make compliments to the writer.Nevertheless, if done in the right way, peer editing brings benefits not only to the writer but to the editor as well.Let's study some hints and tips below to make the process helpful and stress-free for both parties.At this stage, keep your pen prepared for remarks and maybe some questions you have to the writer, note some drawbacks you have noticed and also highlight the strong parts of the paper.Here its also essential to keep it in mind that grammar is not all, if the paper has grammar issues, but also lacks a strong statement, the later problem has priority.As they are subject to quite definite grammar rules, here you may feel free to make corrections to all the mistakes of such kind.Sometimes the authors enthusiastic and focused on the subject of their research may simply have blurred vision to such "trifles" as grammar.Sometimes educators use this method in their classes on purpose, then it may become a trial for their students.Young people are often reluctant to criticize their friends' works, lack confidence to do it or have little motivation for such tasks as they don't influence their grades directly.No matter if you are a writer or an editor, keep it in mind that peer editing is just looking into your work with another set of eyes.The person, who does it for you just provides his or her opinion as to your assignment, but it has nothing to do with personal attitudes or attacks.

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