Penn Autobiography Essay

Taylor said she thinks Penn removed the prompt to increase the number of applications they receive. Other schools have recently made similar alterations to their applications.“The more applications they get, the fewer students they ultimately accept out of the applicant pool.” The lower Penn’s acceptance rate is, the higher the University’s placement in the annual U. Cornell University’s supplemental essays decreased from three to one a few years ago, and Columbia University is using the Common Application for the first time this year.What this means is that applying for, and not being admitted to, a specialized program will not hurt your application to Penn.

The first thing to know is that these specialized programs are very selective.

First, Penn’s use of the Common Application — which has an open-ended essay as an option — made the prompt “repetitive and no longer necessary.” Additionally, students felt that the essay was required even though the instructions said it was optional.

Finally, since the number of undergraduate applications reached almost 27,000 last year, Penn’s admissions officers could not realistically read three essays per candidate, or four in the case of applicants to Penn’s Coordinated Dual Degree programs.

“My two older brothers were both presidents of Model UN, and they both went to Harvard,” College sophomore Alex Zimmer said.

He wrote about forging his own path in high school.

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