Personal Essay Introduction

You can’t just state what you think and then not back it up with researched facts and specific details.

In this part of the introduction, you can share a few truths, ideas, or thoughts that you may not be able to fit anywhere else within the paper. If you did, you probably already have a pretty clear picture of the way your essay is structured.

This is going to be important in this step as well.

In the introduction, you will have to give your point a view some substance in the form of a descriptive argument.

After you have a thesis, you then need to decide where it is going to go in your introduction.

You can use it as a first sentence if it is interesting enough to grab and keep the interest of your audience.

You want to write something that is thought-provoking, detailed, and it has to be an idea that you can prove with facts and statistics.

No matter what, the main idea is to keep the audience interested in what you have to say so that they continue on.

Granted, your professor might read it until the end because he or she has to in order to give you a grade.

As always, there are three main parts of writing an essay: Right now, just focus on the start to your essay.

Even though it seems like an insignificant part when considering the entire essay, it should be thought of as one of the most important parts.

It could be an academic essay, a research essay, a literary essay, or a personal essay.

Those are just a few of the types that your professor may request from you.

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