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If you’ve submitted your primary application and you’re not writing your secondary essays, then you’re behind.Some schools will monitor how long it takes you to send a secondary back and they will use this as a gauge on your interest to get into their school.Some essays will specifically tell you not to repeat anything that’s in your primary application.If that is the case, then you can’t even talk about the same experience. It can be frustrating when schools do that, especially when they ask about your most meaningful clinical experience and you already put that in your personal statement.I cover this in more depth in Session 281 of s you get later in the cycle, there’s a decreasing number of seats available and an increasing number of applicants in the pool.This is why you need to apply early and understand how putting off the MCAT can affect you.Mention the mission statement of the school or the program. A lot of medical schools may look alike after a while, but do your research and see if there’s anything specific that you can draw out to help you write your secondaries.

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Some students will try to write answers for broad types of questions, like write a generic answer for “diversity questions” or “what will I bring to the class” type questions. Just answer the secondary prompts from one school, then move on to the next school. One common feedback I give to students I work with is that they’re not answering the question.

Let’s say you scheduled a vacation in the middle of application season for some reason, and your secondaries are just sitting there for a couple of weeks while you’re traveling. [Related episode: Does It Matter How Fast I Turn Around My Secondary Essays?

] You will find out that a lot of the questions are very similar from school to school.

Ever after you submit your primary application, the work isn’t over.

Secondary essays are still a huge part of your medical school application.

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