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Tintypes are incredibly difficult to master from a technical point of view; the overall aesthetic is exceptional, and from examining their application and purpose opened up a whole new avenue for discovery.I hope that this article will be helpful to any student looking for a level essay ideas and inspiration as complete examples are often hard to come by.I have chosen these photographers because of their influence over my own work.

Because of this the pose, expression and setting for the image would have had to be considered beforehand and potentially dictated by the photographer to the subject in order to result in a well exposed portrait.

The construction of the scene detracts from the facial expression and forces the viewer to consider the portrait as a whole.

The American flag behind the soldier is a dominant symbol of patriotism, it sits above him in the frame, possibly representing that the country is greater than him and his personal anguish is worthwhile for the benefit of the nation. The word uniform itself can be defined as “remaining the same in all cases and at all times” ( The purpose of my project is to reveal the subject in greater detail, by placing the subject in a uniform it has in fact removed the subjects identity and therefore must be considered when developing my own work.

Mirror, Mirror – Investigating The Tintype Portrait Introduction I am examining the work of photographers Ed Drew and Louie Palu, specifically their projects Afghanistan, Combat Zone Tintypes and Kandahar.

I will achieve this by studying their photographs and defining similarities and differences in their processes, composition and fundamental statements behind their work.

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