Personal Vision Statement Essays

As I was so familiar with the biblical stories that showcases how God uses the rejected and untrained for his purposes, I too believed that if God choose me for ministry, His enablement would be there.As I continued to be heavily involved in my church, my talent as a violinist and my accomplishments through the Teen Talent (Fine Arts Festival) contest brought me to the public stage, and it was naturally assumed by my church's leadership and the entire congregation that I was well suited and destined for ministry.

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It's adapted from many sources and should prompt you to think and dream.

Notice in this sample that the person included several areas of life (physical, intellectual, social, spiritual, emotional, and career).

It's a picture of how the person sees himself/herself and is written in the present tense.

The journey I took that lead me to realize this fact was initially very exciting, but quickly turned into a very disappointing one and has been a source of much discouragement and insecurity over the years.

Only within the past 10 years or so have I discovered and accepted the true calling that God placed on my life.

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