Persuasive Essays About Basketball

In this type of persuasive essay, the writer wants the audience to say ‘yes’ or agree to something – an idea, opinion, or action.The author of this essay wants the audience to support the idea of a later start to the school day.If you have an opportunity to show your audience how happy they will be if they agree with you – do it!If you can show them how disappointed they will be if they don’t side with you – then do it!The writer’s goal is to persuade the audience to choose one side over the other(s).

But what an argumentative essay is that makes it so hard to complete and meet all the requirements?

No matter what type of persuasive essay you choose to write, the goal is always to convince your audience to agree with your opinion.

Opinions come in one of three types: In this type of essay, there are several points of view about a topic.

Focus on claims and supports that your audience care about the most.

Example: In the case of opposing the new highway proposal, a persuasive essay delivered to the local business owners would focus on different claims than an essay delivered to the local hikers or fishing club.

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