Phd Thesis In Human Resources Management

Out-of-State Graduate Tuition: ,158Graduate Enrollment: 10,387Website The University of Arkansas not only prides itself on providing a quality education but also on its commitment to all students, both traditional and non-traditional.

Online students receive the same exact degree as on-campus students and will also get their name carved in the Senior Walk, a 3-mile long road that pays tribute to Arkansas’ 175,000 graduates.

Students enrolled in online degree programs may be eligible to pay in-state tuition.

Out-of-State Graduate Tuition: ,784Graduate Enrollment: 4,514Website Because Northcentral University is strictly an online graduate university, they have the opportunity to hone in on specific groups of studies and provide a quality, innovative education that prepares passionate professionals to excel in their respective careers.

While in the program, students will work alongside faculty mentors and have the unique opportunity to participate in research projects, which leads to a well-rounded, targeted research portfolio.

Students can expect to take courses like Influence and Negotiation, Leading and Managing Teams and Individuals, Managing and Developing Human Capital in the Enterprise, and Doctoral Seminar in Meta-analysis and Research Synthesis Methods.

Website Temple University draws from its long-held institutional roots, dating back to 1888, to create a community-driven, globally passionate body of alumni ready to make a difference in the world.

Among its 8 campus extensions and 38,000 student pool are hundreds of degree options, including an online Ph. in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management & Organizational Behavior.

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CU offers a support system for online students that guide them each step of the way, as a gesture to make the doctoral degree and dissertation process less intimidating.

Sample course offerings include Foundations of Human Resources Theory and Practice, Creating Adaptive Innovating Workplaces, Attracting and Retaining Talent, and Research Paradigms for Human Resource Management.

Graduates will be prepared to take high-level HR positions in Education, corporations, consulting firms, non-profit organizations, or the government.

Note that there are no GRE or GMAT test requirements for admission.

Out-of-State Graduate Tuition: ,553Graduate Enrollment: 10,699Website Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, Capella University offers a unique 10-week, synchronous quarter system called Guided Path, where students can take anywhere from 1-3 classes per quarter, with a ,000 quarter tuition maximum.

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