Phd Thesis On Bilingualism

This is a degree scheme which is especially designed for those wishing to write their thesis on the topic of bilingualism.

Topics that will be discussed include language attitudes, language ideology, language politics and planning in different societies and historical eras, the relation between majority and minority languages, as well as language status and domains of use.Students accepted on the Ph D programme have probationary status for the first year, after which their status will be confirmed subject to satisfactory completion of the requirements outlined below.Like the Ph D in Linguistics it is designed to follow on from one of the Bangor MA schemes.The document will include recommendations for any linguistics or research training modules to be attended during the year.The student should see their main supervisor regularly, as agreed by student and supervisor.Where the Director of Graduate Studies is the main supervisor, the Head of School will act as chair.By week 6 of the first semester after the student’s registration, this committee will have produced a written document for the student’s file, outlining work which the student is expected to have completed by the end of the first year (two years in the case of part-time students), such as a review of the literature on their chosen topic, and a report on their pilot study.The program is dedicated to graduate course reading and dissertation work.The course component accounts for 90 hp/90 ECTS, which corresponds to one year and a half of full-time studies.Students will read, analyze and critically evaluate research papers and dissertations in the field and explain and discuss their overall orientations to research problems, their results and their further implications.Second Language Acquisition and Bilingual Development Students accepted into the Ph D-programme have the right to supervision for the duration of their dissertation work.

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