Philosophy Of A Thesis

The General Examination is an examination on the field in which you intend to write a dissertation, not on the as-yet-unwritten dissertation itself.

Generals consists in an oral exam lasting approximately one hour, preceded a few days earlier by a 48 hour written exam.

At the time you submit your proposal, let us know any of your preferences about who your examiners will be.

The oral component will begin with the student giving a 5-10 minute overview of the field of their examination.

We urge you to seek advice about your intended dissertation topic. By May 31 of the second year of regular enrollment, students opting for this format must complete a survey unit, which will normally be done as the student’s 10th unit.

This unit counts as Part 1 of the student’s General Exam.

Your General Exam proposal needs to include: Please prepare your proposal in consultation with your General Exam advisor by the dates listed in the section above.

Your proposal will be reviewed and possibly modified by your General Exam committee.

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