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It is my hope that these passions will combine to kindle a similar passion for learning in the students in my care.

The articulation of a philosophy is the first and often smallest step in its development.

I believe that the learning process is multifaceted, unique to each student, yet containing unifying threads of purpose in addressing the student as a whole person.

I believe the curriculum is a set of criteria designed, as much as possible, to meet the needs of students and should be offered to them in as compelling a manner as possible.

Largely it speculates on analysis and speculations on the evolution of what education would be tomorrow.

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However, education has successfully helped to transform them into knowledgeable members of their societies who understands the cultural diversity, social coexistence and political mechanisms of their communities or society. The functions of philosophy as it relates an individual to the society are to provide education to the individual that consequently transforms and improves their skills in critical thinking.

This suggests that philosophy in education offers positive guidance, ironically, philosophy tends to offer more questions than answers.

Moreover, the discipline of education is widespread and diverse, as it tends to involve so many participants and stakeholders.

These seven belief statements form the core of my current philosophy of teaching and learning.

This is an evolving philosophy that is heavily influenced by experience and driven by a passion for teaching and a passion for learning.

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