Photo Essay Definition

For example, Reporter Mark Stratton of the BBC used pictures between paragraphs in a story about Russia’s ethnic communities.Stratton wrote of his travels in Russia, while using photos to display the diversity in looks, dress and music of different people in the country.Photo storytelling is different from a picture portfolio or collection.It’s not a random collection of photos, or a display using albums from Flickr or Instagram.Pick up a newspaper and the pages are peppered with pictures.Click on a news link and results are the same: a story with either video or photo.According to Ohio University’s Terry Eiler, a pioneer in photojournalism and former photographer for , there are three ways of telling stories online through pictures: a photo essay, photo package or photo story.A photo essay is a collection of pictures with an overall topic or theme.

A person simply viewing the slideshow wouldn’t know an important detail: the clinic is the last in the state performing abortions, and state lawmakers are trying to close its doors.In a photo essay, both narrative and pictures drive the story; the pictures support what’s in the text, but a person can understand the topic without having to read text or captions.Pictures are placed throughout text or together in a gallery, usually as a slideshow.Photos in a package can’t stand alone, since a viewer needs more details about their significance in a story.A photo story is about one person, place or situation.Al Jazeera’s September photo essay of child amputees in Syria gave me a new perspective on the traumas caused by Syria’s ongoing war.I’d seen photos of unrest in the region before, but seeing a child with a missing leg gave me a new understanding of the suffering and plight of the 20 million people in the country.Print news, sports and feature articles, as in the case of Heartland Magazine’s Funky Chickens piece, often show hierarchy in importance by displaying a larger, wide picture and smaller, tight pictures as details.Photo packages are the sophisticated cousin of essays: they take photo storytelling to another by requiring supplementary text.Such was the case of Oregonlive’s Oregon Zoo babies essay.The gallery includes wide, medium and tight shots of elephants and other animals at the zoo.

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