Pitbulls Should Not Be Banned Essay

Pit bulls are an amazing breed of dog I believe should not be banned. Pit bulls are super fun to play with and very loving toward people who are loving toward them.Contrary to belief, they do not have anything against humans unless they are given a reason to, just like any other animal.

When DNA tests identified a dog’s dominant breed as Dalmatian, shelter workers called it a terrier.

In place of these policies, researchers who study animal behavior are trying to better understand the context in which dogs bite, and the interactions that facilitate attacks.

And more accurate, predictive genetic tests like Embark mean that with a quick cheek swab, at least pit bulls will no longer be misidentified.

When the dog was mostly Alaskan malamute, they called it an Australian shepherd dog.

When a hospital records that a dog who bit someone is a pit bull, they rely on the report of the victim, parents, or a witness. Media coverage of attacks tends to encourage this misidentification: In 2008, a pit bull attack that hospitalized a woman generated 230 articles and televised reports in national and international news.

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