Pivot Sentence Essay

Notice how in the fourth sentence the four core words of the independent clause “I try not to” were already present in the first sentence and have been allowed to emerge in permutational form in the sequence of restatings that make up the paragraph.

The paragraph otherwise assaults us with a spatter of sentences sufficient unto themselves, each having the force of a conclusion or summation.Yet if we look closely at their sentences, we can see that both writers are often operating with a similar set of principles. Let’s look first at some specimens from Lipsyte’s most recent novel, Viola tones rose from a carved alcove. [Describing a house] Here was a spinster closed for winter. I was twenty-seven; I saw death behind every sentence.appears not only in the subject and in the verb, but also in the adjective modifying the subject and in the object of the preposition in the adverbial prepositional phrase following the verb.Two of my favorite contemporary fiction writers are Christine Schutt and Sam Lipsyte. Once you’ve tasted the hate, it’s hard to forsake that unique and heavenly flavor.Both are writers of dark fiction, but the tones and emotionality of the stories and novels written by Schutt and those by Lipsyte could not be more different; Lipsyte writes dark comedy, and Schutt writes dark drama. So maybe I wanted all these memories, the sorrows and the hollows. Arthur found my mother’s missing glove in the shoveling.They all deserve a drunken, abusive stepfather, like I was. Ah, well, what you cannot correct you can at least insult.They need plenty of rest and expensive food and constant petting.Lipsyte wanted to follow the direct object of the sentence with an appositive consisting of two nouns.The first noun, “sorrows,” has an expectable quality to it, because memories, after all, often have to do with loss.Furthermore, when a writer is searching for a word to fill a vacant slot in a sentence, the writer can look to the other prominent words in the sentence, examine their sonic disposition, and borrow something of their sound: this can lead the writer to a word that might not otherwise occur to him or her.In the last of the Lipsyte examples, for instance, notice how unusual, unexpected, and striking that farewell word is.

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