Plato Alry Of The Cave Essay

While inside the cave, the prisoners function only with this eye.The “mind’s eye” is a higher level of thinking, and is mobilized only when the prisoner is released into the outside world.In the cave, there were “men passing along the wall carrying all sorts of vessels, and statues and figures of animals made of wood and stone and various materials” (278).The shadows of these objects were considered reality to the prisoners, but in actual fact they were just distorted images.The “mind’s eye” sees in the perfect world, a spiritual realm. Perfect reality is described when the prisoner comes into the light and sees the “light of the moon and the stars and the spangled heaven.” These moons and stars make up the real world that only the “mind’s eye” is able to see.

The “bodily eye” relies on sensory perceptions about the world in order to determine what is reality.

That’s why I went through it so many times, but once I was able to understand what was going on and where the point was, I could see that the way he explained and the fanciful evidence he used was very strong.

Plato writes about Socrates describing a scene where there are chained people in a dark cave.

They have been there since their childhood and they can barely move their heads.

Behind them, at the distance, there is a blazing fire, and between the fire and the prisoners there is a wall meant for objects to pass.

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