Plessy Vs Ferguson Essay Alfie Kohn Homework

Its political influence and the stabilization and exist of federal depend on seven federal judges.

We can see that the Supreme Court played a very important role.

A unanimous decision issued on May 17, 1954, found that the role of education in the United States had changed greatly since the 19th century. Ferguson’s “separate but equal” language, this decision asserts that “separate education facilities are inherently unequal.” The press reaction in the North was largely positive, calling it a “healing” ruling.

After first failing to reach a decision and ordering both sides to prepare more information on the relationship between the 14th Amendment and education, the Supreme Court rehears the case. [It] is a right which must be made available to all on equal terms.” In contrast to Plessy v.It would take nearly 20 years for American public schools to fully desegregate, but this ruling not only began the school integration process but jump-started the civil rights movement in general.Huiliang Yang HIS 112 Professor Mc Leod 4/24/10 Compare and Contrast Plessy v. Board of Education The Supreme Court has significant impact on molding the society of the United States, so does it play an important role in the process of the realization of equal protection on the right to education.The Citizens Committee, a group of minorities in Louisiana, chose Homer Plessy to challenge a state law requiring segregation on trains.After Plessy was arrested for boarding a whites-only train car and found guilty of breaking the law, the Citizens Committee appealed his conviction. Ferguson (Ferguson refers to Judge John Howard Ferguson, who presided over the case in Louisiana) ended up at the Supreme Court.The Court stated that the 14 Amendment could not have been intended to enforce social equality since Caucasians and African Americans do not desire to be commingled.The legislature cannot force desegregation to encourage race equality because it must occur organically.A Louisiana state law (the Separate Car Act) permitted separate railway cars for African Americans and Caucasians.Homer Plessy, a 1/8 African American citizen, was considered African American under the legislation.In his points, violence including movement and war, these activities makes US society upheaval.The baby boom generation is important factor for these movement and change of thinking.

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