Population Explosion Essay Ielts Methode Pour Une Dissertation

However, I believe it is not the only way to learn the language.In the first place, most students in non-english-speaking countries learn English at secondary school, and sometimes at university nowadays.Model answer: In most countries of the world the population is increasing alarmingly.This is especially true in poor, undeveloped countries.

On the other hand, government should lay strict rules to protect the countryside from pollution and other hazards.

Furthermore, if students attend a language school full-time, the teachers will be native speakers.

In this case, not only will students’ speaking and listening skills improve, but attention can be given to developing reading and writing skills as well.

Also , students can experience the culture first-hand, which is a great help when trying to understand the language.

This is especially true if they choose to live with a British family, as exchange students for example.

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