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Use tools of analysis (theoretical, analytical, and empirical) that you have learned during your course or which reflect the literature in the area. Explain the nature of the models referred to, make any arguments of your own transparently clear, integrate any figures into your discussion, and define all notation when or before it is first used.

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Some of the objectives of requiring a dissertation for the MSc are given below.The MSc dissertation is worth 60 credit points and is compulsory for MSc candidates.Candidates for the MSc are required to write a dissertation on a relevant subject approved by the Course Co-ordinator.All dissertations are marked by two members of staff and the process is verified independently by an external examiner. Presentation: 25% Total 100 / 100 Plagiarism in dissertations and other written project work In writing dissertations or any other piece of research project work it is necessary at all times to acknowledge the work of others.Results are usually available from personal tutor at the end of November. Ways of doing this are usually through referencing to other published or unpublished work, creating footnotes which state other sources, and including a paragraph on general acknowledgment on any help or any other input you have received from others.These may help you understand what is expected of you in writing a dissertation.The objectives of writing a dissertation are to allow a student to demonstrate the ability 2018-2019 Dissertation Topics You are asked to nominate your 3 best choices to the Postgraduate Support Officer (email: [email protected]).Students can reasonably expect 5 - 8 hours of supervision during the preparation of their dissertation and before final submission.Note that this is a guide and that some students might benefit from having supervision in small groups.You should not expect your supervisor to read every word in your drafts nor to provide detailed and comprehensive comments on each chapter.The frequency of contact and methods of working are matters for you to arrange between yourself and your supervisor.

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