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The Post-It Study Collection even has cool Post-It Study Attach and Go Pockets that make it easy to store small papers like these printed Post-It Notes!

Choose from the in and out box designs, homework notes or both!

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"But because it’s all digital it eliminates the used book market and eliminates any sharing and because homework and tests are through an access code, it eliminates any ability to opt out." Sarina Harper, a 19-year-old sophomore at Virginia Tech, was faced with a tough dilemma when she first started college in 2015 — pay rent or pay to turn in her chemistry homework.But he doesn't require his students to buy access to a learning program that controls the class assignments."I try to make things as inexpensive as possible," said Hunt who uses free digital textbooks for his classes but designs his own curriculum."[The online systems] may make my life a lot easier but I feel like I'm giving up control.She decided to wait for her next work study paycheck, which was typically 0 to 0, to pay for the code. " She didn't hand in her first two assignments for chemistry, which started her out in the class with a failing grade.She knew that her chemistry grade may take a dive as a result."It’s a balancing act," she said. The access codes may be another financial headache for students, but for textbook businesses, they're the future.Pearson reported a 3% increase in global digital registrations last year for its My Lab programs, which totaled 13 million in 2015.Mc Graw Hill reported a 12% increase in its paid activations for its Learn Smart and Connect programs from last school year to 1.2 million.The After School Station comes with two Free Printable Weekly Calendars.I used Writable Flags along with Post-It Study Notes to let the kids mark what is important.As universities go digital, students are complaining of a new hit to their finances that is replacing — and sometimes joining — expensive textbooks: pricey online access codes that are required to complete coursework and submit assignments.The codes — which typically range in price from to 5 per course — give students online access to systems developed by education companies like Mc Graw Hill and Pearson.

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