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Natural forests are being destructed to use the land for cultivation, building houses, factories, logging, making space for cattle grazing, extraction of oil, mining, construction of dams or to obtain wood for making furniture and using it as fuel.Forest wood has been an essential need for us since the time of civilization and still continues to be the main source for many uses in our day to day life.“Deforestation and forest degradation…account for nearly 20 percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions, more than the entire global transportation sector and second only to the energy sector,” the UN REDD programme (United Nations Collaborative Program on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries) reported.In an e-mail correspondence with The ASEAN Post, Serina Abdul Rahman, Visiting Fellow of the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute, stated that “ASEAN nations have distinct and different ways of managing their forests – independent of ASEAN as an organisation.Most manage their forests through a forestry department – often at the expense of indigenous folk who might not have the paperwork to lay claim to their ancestral land.”She added that there is an ASEAN Agreement on the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, “but it was never formally agreed and enforced – overtaken by the CBD (Convention on Biological Diversity) which was ratified by all ASEAN countries.ASEAN is now a party to the CBD – which means technically it should agree to a target of at least 17 percent of protected inland areas by 2020.

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The causes of deforestation are: Illegal logging activities are very common that destroy the livelihoods of the people depending on forests.

These same forests are vanishing day by day just for our selfish needs resulting in deforestation.

Have you ever given a thought to what will happen if deforestation continues? Deforestation means cutting down the trees to a large extent be it forests, any barren land or trees we see on our way to school every day.

Southeast Asia is a global biodiversity hotspot, but with over 600 million people living in the region, the pressures on that biodiversity are severe.

Due to the increasing human population, the need for urban spaces has increased, thus governments have taken measures to clear more land in order to fulfil this growing demand.

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