Problem In Society Essay

They are getting ahead and enjoying equality of status in almost all fields because of being financially independent and economically sound.

Earlier to this women were facing a lot of problems because of male dominated, patriarchal society system, practice of old traditional believes, etc.

Women in India face lots of social issues and problems all through the life which are big struggle for them right from their beginning of life.

Female infanticide is the most common practice of killing girl child in mother’s womb in the Indian society.

In the modern world, where women status has been improved a little while, still they are facing problems.Women in India are considered as burden for their parents and husbands as they think that women are here only to consume money whole life without earning a little bit.Another common problem for women is sex discrimination which they face from their birth and continues till their death.Sexual harassment is more common at homes as well as in the offices by the family members, relatives, neighbors, friends, boss, etc.They have to suffer a lot in their daily life to nourish their career as well as saving their family relationships.We have provided here variety of Issues and Problems faced by Women in India essay and paragraphs on issues and problems faced by the women of India for the school students.All the essays and paragraphs are written using very simple and easy words especially for the school students.Women for them are only medium to keep family happy and healthy.A woman is seen in the society with more intense ridicule sight and become at higher risk of honor killing if she is involved in the love marriage or inter caste love marriage.Illiteracy, lack of proper education, responsible for household works, rape, sexual harassment at workplace, etc are some big issues for the women in India.However, a lot of positive changes has occurred in the women status as the number of educated people is increasing in the country.

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