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For myself, I wasn't so much concerned with school as I was anxious about the beginning of .

😱 It was a magical time when I would call up and message every technical friend I knew asking for references to their companies, and I would apply to every internship opportunity on Intern Supply, which BTW, is a great website for finding all the available applications for internships.

I was frustrated, because I was never good at explaining my thought process on the technical problems they gave...until it dawned on me that I was overthinking everything and didn't go into the interview with any strategy.

The steps below have helped me numerous times and I can attest to their ability to aid in landing that big job or internship! The interviewer will give you whatever technical question they have in mind.

Interviewers want to see someone who takes pride in knowing that their solution is correct!

Point being, people who can fix problems are much more valuable, and rare, than people who can simply identify problems.

Just remember to talk out loud as you are writing your code, explaining what and why you are doing what you are.

It will help the interviewer gauge what is in your head.

These will help us explain our solution, test our ideas, and ensure our code works.

It is ideal in my mind that you create a few different examples.

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