Problem Solving Root Cause Analysis

What if new operators usually had a couple months of training before having that same level of responsibility?Change Analysis is a root cause analysis technique that focuses on a specific problem or problematic event.The root cause also needs to be within management’s control to fix.For example, if a change to trade policy resulted in a drop in the only source of a specific material, that is out of management’s control. Finally, in order to be a root cause, the issue needs to have a solution that will prevent recurring issues.

The root cause needs to be an underlying cause so that the person identifying the source of the problem can prevent it from occurring.

Workshop Overview: In a recent Wall Street Journal article, problem-solving was cited as the top skill for ensuring business success.

Make sure your team keeps this skill sharp by mastering one of the most effective problem-solving techniques: Root Cause Analysis.

One of the ways to delve into all of the causes is by leveraging the “5 Whys”.

The For example, imagine your cost of scrap increased over the last quarter.

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