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One reason proposed for this lack of transfer is that problem solving and learning have not taken place in real-world contexts.The use of videotapes, DVDs and CD-ROMs depicting real-life situations or simulations of these (either alone or in tandem with computers) makes it much more feasible to teach using real-world situations.Websites This article examines the theoretical underpinnings of situated cognition and derives implications for the design of situated learning environments.The conceptual framework centers on four basic issues: the role of context, the role of content, the role of facilitation, and the role of assessment.

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The leading research group in the United States using anchored instruction to increase students' problem solving skills is located at Vanderbilt University. For example, many students who have studied mathematics are unable to apply it in solving problems in chemistry and physics.

Critical Thinking as a Citizenship Competence: Teaching Strategies Learning and Instruction, Vol. First empirical research into the question which instructional strategies are 'effective' in enhancing critical thinking is reviewed.

Characteristics of instruction that are assumed to enhance critical thinking are: paying attention to the development of the epistemological beliefs of students; promoting active learning; a problem-based curriculum; stimulating interaction between students; and learning on the basis of real-life situations.

Describes problem-based learning (PBL) as a science teaching approach that combines both school and real-world science.

Explains how to design an ill-structured problem considering local, state, and national standards; finding and preparing data; implementing PBL in the classroom; and its benefits and student assessment.

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