Problem Solving Techniques Pdf

Risky problems are also good candidates for structure.Note that experience can offset the need for some structure, but it increases risk anytime you skip a step. While it saves resources, the best you can do is come up with a solution that matches the one you would have gotten from the full process.The most prevalent way people look at this relationship is that they focus on a change in performance, meaning that the reality side of the equation shifts.

Most people tend to approach problems informally, or without any structured approach at all.Problem solving gets much less daunting, though, when you realize that all problems are related to a process, or set of processes, at their source.If your find and fix that process, the problem goes away.There are no road signs that tell you where you should be going or where you are.If you get either one of those wrong, you’ll never have a chance to solve a problem.On the surface, the problem solving definition sounds simple.Just close the gap between reality and the way things should be.It was developed when we needed to quickly identify and evade sabre-tooth tigers.Figuring out how to eliminate lost files or dings in car doors doesn’t have the same instant response requirement.Practice using the different methodologies and find one that you like. You may also find that you like particular methods in specific situations. In continuous improvement, you will find uses for problem solving at every corner.Each time you assess your progress towards your goals, you unearth a great source of problems to solve.

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