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I've tried to rewrite my own but in my in my disparity I have tossed myself into a state of analysis paralysis.

However, while desperate I am still intelligent enough to perform my due diligence.

Of the ones that put up samples, quite frankly, I found one site that put up decent samples of resumes.

Before starting my service, I reviewed a lot of "professional" resume writing sites.

I did my own resume, but I need someone to look over it and do some tweaking. Always always ask for samples.....there are some very outdated writers out there that are not savvy with modern resume layouts.

I have experience writing that I would like to showcase, although my job at the time was in a different field. I generally start with a review of the resume and prepare a quote from there based on the position sought and the amount of work I expect to put in. Utimately I never feel I've not added value to a client....our reviews show that. Even I thought about paying a professional to write my resume, but then I came across this link online and decided to write on my own.

The owners of Resume2Hire combine over 30 years in resume writing, staffing and online recruitment.

Not only was my Resume2Hire resume great, I got a fabulous position only 3 days after I posted it.

I have already sent email links to your site with my recommendation to all my friends.

The person assigned to revise my resume had NO idea of what my experience entailed so it took several attempts with me having to rewrite what he wrote - ironic right?

But here is the bad part - after I finally approved of my finished resume I asked if I could choose the job site boards my resume would be posted,their reply was, "Of course" a list will be emailed along with a password.

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